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Food Glorious Food!

The food at Spinning Top is as important to us as the standard of care that the children receive. We have never cooked turkey twizzlers or deep-fried chips, but over the years we have become more adventurous with our healthy alternatives.

We have found that good fresh food is only slightly more expensive to produce, while the benefits are enormous. Just like Jamie Oliver, we have discovered that homemade food produces calm children, happy and healthy mealtimes, and a homely environment from the delicious smells that waft from the kitchen! The food is so delicious that all the staff eat with the children and almost every member of staff has been trained in basic food hygiene.

The lunch and tea menus change each week and we also cook for children with food allergies and special dietary requirements. Although children are welcome to bring a packed lunch, not surprisingly, there aren't many who do!


Meal Times

Meal times should be a happy social occasion and staff sit with the children in small groups to encourage this.

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