Red Tops Baby Room for 0-2 year olds

Our aim is to provide quality and affordable childcare hence our fees are inclusive of nappies, wipes, nappy creams
and milk

Even when they are only a few months old, babies are beginning to learn about their environment and to develop the basic intellectual, physical and social skills that they will rely on in later life. We provide a safe and caring environment that is rich in colour, sound, movement and touch for the children to explore and in which they can begin to develop their mobility. The children enjoy sensory and tactile experiences such as playing with paints and water, exploring a variety of natural objects in a treasure baskets or simply enjoying a book and a cuddle with one of the carers.

We work with you to ensure we adapt to the way you care for your baby at home, so that feeding, nappy changes and sleeping all take place at times to suit your baby's individual routine. Our staff will prepare milk bottles according to your instructions and gradually introduce freshly-prepared foods when your baby is ready. We provide nappies that are designed to be kind to your baby's delicate skin. Everything we do is designed to give your child the best possible standard of care.

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