What can I as a parent expect from
Spinning Top?

Spinning Top parents can expect the same high level of service throughout your child's stay, unmatched dedication from our staff, support as and when you need it, and ensuring that parents remain the key decision makers in your child's development.


Can Spinning Top care for my child in the best possible way?

Yes we can! More than 75% of our staff are fully qualified, and we never leave unqualified employees to care for your child unguided.

When caring for under children under 2 years old there is at least one member of staff to three children, all fitting into the legal requirements. 2-3 year olds have at least one member to four children and when they are getting that tiny bit older, staff levels are up to one to eight for 4-5 year olds.

Spinning Top's policy is to push toward higher ratios to ensure personnel attention for your child. Your children could not be in safer hands.


What qualifications, government body awards, recognition from authority etc does Spinning Top have?

Spinning Top Nursery is fully OFSTED accredited and always will be. In addition, all the necessary Health and Safety and Food Hygiene standards are conformed to as a minimum. We also have continuous updates of development practice.


Do you have any advice for parents with financial difficulties?

Spinning Top can advice on any issues relating to child educational grants, childcare vouchers and funding issues, please free to ask.


How is my child treated and how are they prepared for school?

Each child is treated and cared for on an individual basis, which means they will already have experienced the settling in period in a warm and caring environment before they leave. Spinning Top believes the main areas of development should be social skills, independence and interaction with peers and concentration skills. Spinning Top always ensures that learning is fun!


What are the festive season opening hours?

Spinning Top is open 51 weeks, closing on the main bank holidays and Christmas week. Spinning Top cater for parents' lifestyles – call us if you have any other questions.


How many times will my child be taken on field trips?

With parents consent, Spinning Top children are taken out on field trips including days out to the libraries, museums, nature trails and means your children gets to see a wide array of sites, whilst learning and also getting some fresh air.


How are staff selected and what checks are carried out to make sure they are the best possible candidates for this job?

Spinning Top staff are selected on their experience, education, personality, interaction, their dedication to the job and attitude towards child development. References and police checks are essential for new starters, and Spinning Top ensures they are carried out rigorously. As part of their continued development staff members are encouraged to attend training courses in order to develop new skills and enhance their existing qualifications.